Facebook Groups: No Tea, No Shade

So you’ve heard there’s a secret place on the icy tundra that is Ft. Drum where you can acquire unlimited amounts of free salt.  Yes, that’s right, free salt!  So you decide to take to your local army wife Facebook group to pose a simple question: Where can I find this haven?

Within minutes, you realize that you have made a horrible mistake.

Deborah from round the way chastises you for being cheap and reminds you that housing will give you two free bags of salt.  Barbara from the block says not only does she pull up every year to load up two Oscar the Grouch-sized cans with free salt, she does so with others present to witness the occurrence.  Before you know it, the entire group is up in arms.  What do you do?

Here is how you can recover from causing a turf war on an army wife Facebook group:

  • Realize that there are many different personalities within the small community that makes up the military in general.  Since social media has given everyone a voice and platform from which to express that voice, a lot more people feel empowered.  It becomes easier for them to be vocal online.  You’ll almost never see altercations like this in person.
  • Politely thank everyone for their information and unfollow the post, if you’d like no further notifications.  You can also delete the post altogether if you feel uncomfortable.
  • Use the opportunity to converse with new people.  Maybe some ladies joined the conversation with truly helpful information or even came to your defense and have potential to become your new BFFs.
  • Don’t let the experience deter you from future interaction.  Also, don’t fall into a mindset that all military spouses are “full of drama.”  Try to make light of the situation by cracking a joke or two.

While Facebook groups can be an invaluable source of information and a wonderful tool to meet friends, they’re also filled with many different personalities and diversity.  Occasionally, you’ll come across a Debbie Downer or Mean Martha, but they are few and far between in my experience.  Don’t let them keep you from putting your wonderful self out there.



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