To Feet Or Not To Feet?



There used to be a man who frequented spouse groups and all manner of mommy groups on Facebook.  He would enter, guns blazing, to announce that he was seeking freelance employees.  The conditions of his contract were simple:  You send him photographs of your feet and he would compensate you with $50.  Don’t look at me like that, I’m serious!  In fact, if I remember correctly, he also paid a small fee for videos of your feet and Skype sessions with your piggies.  This ended up turning into an infamous Army Wife Facebook group brawl between those who accepted his offer, and those who couldn’t fathom being “desperate” enough for $50.  I mean, get your coin how you get it, hunty! Right?

However, for those who would rather leave their bare feet off their resume, there is still a huge hurdle.  In order to become gainfully employed, a lot of spouses require child care in some form.  This can get incredibly pricey, depending upon the region.  Many times it means that the spouse would essentially be working only to cover those costs, if their salary even covered them to begin with.  This often leads to discouraged spouses who feel as though they aren’t contributing to their households.

I recently read about a program I had never heard of before called Child Care Aware Of America.  According to the website, they provide assistance with costs associated with child care by working with off-post providers in your area.  Enter your zip code on the website and it will pull up your local point of contact for the program.  You can check them out at  This seems like a much more reasonable solution towards employment than selling pictures of yo feet.


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