Fitness Journey & the MLM Hustle.


We’ve likely all been there. Sipping on our tea, scrolling our Facebook/Twitter/Instagram feeds when BAM; friend request. Ohhhh, and we have mutual friends. So thinking someone is reaching out to you in order to make friends, you accept. No sooner can you get another full bite of your Great Value protein bar, than you’ve received your first message from your new friend.

It goes a little something like this:

“Hi, Consuela! I see we have a few mutual friends and I just thought I would reach out because we are in the same community. I sell ItMightPossiblyWork and Lake Bodies and would love to help you along your journey.”

Wait, what? How exactly would a stranger know we’re on a fitness journey sending the initial request? Are we looking a little plump in our profile picture?  So then we get a little offended because you basically identified us as someone who needs to lose weight.  What adds to the shadiness is that a message wasn’t sent prior to the request. While it’s perfectly okay to have a hustle, there are proper ways to go about your business. Alienating the people in your community isn’t a good way to do business.

Instead of harassing innocent friends of friends:

  • Actually make friends with people. I have given my friends plenty of business. I have no problem supporting a friend, if I feel as though it’s a right fit for me. However, I also don’t agree with long passive aggressive posts about how we should spend our hard earned money on your product since you see us posting pictures of our bags and whatnot. Others’ finances are no one’s business. If I see that, I will not become a customer.
  • Make a page specifically for your products and link it to your personal profile. Even posts made on your personal profile lets your friends know about what you’re selling. If we are interested, we will reach out.
  • DO NOT under any circumstances assume that a particular individual would be interested in your products based on appearance or assumption alone.
  • Do not post inappropriate content in online forums or groups. I understand the freedom of speech thing, but there’s also this freedom not to purchase your stuff thing that will happen if you look unprofessional online.

There are folks who do well selling MLM products, and I know a few because I am a customer. I can say with certainty that they didn’t gain me as a customer by violating the aforementioned tips.

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