ICE Comments: What Aren’t They For?



So you’re sitting there enjoying your morning bowl of cereal, maybe even a cup of coffee, when your lovely spouse texts you.  It appears that the company commander has ordered that they work through lunch to finish some layouts.  Just like that, your bowl of cereal now looks like a bowl of garbage.  Your coffee tastes like it came from someone’s DFAC.  What is to be done?  Suddenly, a light bulb appears over your head.  “File an ICE COMPLAINT!”  Don’t do it, chile.

The Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) is a system that is implemented within the Department of Defense in order to improve customer service.  Yes, you heard it right, customer service.  In fact, you can go onto their website ( and find your installation.  From there, you can stroll down to the service you would like to leave a comment for.  Here’s another little known fact: You can leave positive feedback as well!  In fact, as I scroll and explore the site more, I don’t even see an option to leave some angry hate mail towards a specific company commander.  I did get sidetracked though when I spotted a place to sprinkle my positivity.  Now let’s get to my little list of what ICE Comments are not for:

  1. Giving your spouse’s leadership a piece of your mind.  I know that things can get a little crazy, and so does your spouse, trust me!  However, bear in mind that everyone goes through it together.  You should be supportive in any way that you can.
  2. Making threats.  Please don’t utilize ICE comments to threaten the services provided to us.  What we can do is make suggestions if we feel that a particular service is lacking.
  3. Telling Burger King that they don’t deserve $15 an hour.  I know that sometimes things get a little crazy in the food court.  Believe me, I’ve been there.  Something that we all need to realize is that there are teenagers who are working in the food court.  They are learning and need our guidance.  Please refrain from disparaging remarks that are counterproductive.

I’m sure I could conjure up some more examples, but I would like to keep this on a (mostly) positive note.  We have access to these systems to provide feedback that will benefit our community where the services we are provided are concerned.  In fact, I challenge anyone reading this to please go to the website and make a positive comment if you were recently given good customer service on post.


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