The Truth About Staged Homecoming Photos


I know that many of us have primped and primed for that professional photo shoot. The one documenting the dramatic moment when lovers are once again reunited following a deployment. Yeah, it’s sweet and can produce amazing photographs that will be forever cherished. It can also present some comical situations that completely blow the event out of proportion.

High expectations can lead to actions that aren’t genuine. Think about the photographs plastered across almost any and every possible corner of the interwebs. The fairy tale poses depicting two lovers in one another’s arms with glee splashed across their faces. Some jump onto their significant other and wrap their legs around them for a smooch. First of all, ain’t nobody got time to be trying to catch my heavy self. I just don’t behave that way publicly with my husband and capturing memories doing so would seem fake to me.

The pressure to shop for the ‘perfect outfit’ can add stress.  Homecoming is already an exciting and emotional day. Why add to the list of things to do by stressing over which prom dress to wear to a musty gym to pick up your spouse? While it is a pretty big occasion, I have always kept it business casual for pictures because that’s just who we are as a couple.

Your significant other might need to race to the bathroom.  Don’t put too much stock into That Moment. You know the one. You spot each other from across the way and frolick into each other’s arms looking like the couple from Twilight. Then he/she says, “I need to pee really bad.”  There goes your million snapshots of the moment.

You’ll be in a sea of amateur photographers low crawling to capture moments for their clients.  This is super awkward. I feel like I’ve literally tripped over several aspiring Facebook photographers as they set up shop to capture every single nose hair and bit of drool from people ugly crying. Homecoming ceremonies have gotten so Hallmark over the years. I also don’t shed tears when my husband returns from deployment so I always feel like a heartless ice queen when I’m stepping over blubbering spouses to get to my baby daddy.

While I absolutely love the photographs taken at homecoming, I’m not sure that I would hire a photographer again. It amounted to posing after we already said hello.  I feel like we could’ve just grabbed anyone in the gym to snap a few shots of us together. I’m also a person who finds it a tad creepy having someone take pictures of me kissing my husband. Don’t feel bad if you can relate.


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