Are You A Keyboard Warrior?

Social media has created a platform for the average person to produce content to share with the world.  It has also empowered individuals who normally remain silent and hide in the shadows.  Then there are keyboard warriors.  I always picture keyboard warriors either sitting on the toilet long after they have finished utilizing the facilities ferociously typing out paragraphs of discord followed by a million laughing emojis.  They aren’t quite in the same category as internet trolls, but they are entertaining nonetheless.  I’ve come into contact with quite a few keyboard warriors in the course of my online shenanigans.  I’ve compiled a list of important facts in my observations.

They roll deep.  Have you ever expressed an opinion in public forums or even gone against the grain?  If so, you are most likely familiar with the keyboard warrior’s technique of summoning fellow keyboard warriors with a Facebook tag to appear with their arsenal of laugh emojis and internet backup.  Keyboard warriors rarely stand alone.  Prepare yourself for a calculated dragging.

Passive/aggressive behavior.  Many a keyboard warrior has gone the route of tossing their two cent into the interwebs in a roundabout kind of way.  Rather than to address a person, you’ll often find a statement containing the phrases, “Some people….” Or “People are so…”  They’re the types of folks who vaguebook and tell you that if the shoe fits..

They want the last word.  Depending upon the topic at hand, many keyboard warriors are in it for the long haul.  They will fight you to the facebook group death.  This might include exchanging confrontational comments until theirs is the last comment.  It’ll go on for as long as you participate in the keyboard warriorism.  

They’ll have a conversation about you in front of you.  You’ll often find threads nestled away in comments between people clowning you right in front of your face.  While many keyboard warriors will keep their sentiments relatively hidden and off of the main discussion, some brave souls will carry on beating a dead horse.

They’ll block you and continue warrioring.  Many keyboard warriors suffer from a real life affliction known as lame.  Most likely, a keyboard warrior smells of hot feet and stale breath.  So it’s not surprising to find that they have no problem blocking users and continuing to slander their names.  Most also resort to name calling when they are backed into a corner with logic.  

Bottom line:  Keyboard warriors are plentiful.  It doesn’t take much to set one off, and engaging one in discussion or dialogue will only result in a herd of keyboard warriors rallying not far behind.  Smart phones smudged with unseasoned chicken and broken dreams.  

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