How To Respond To “Anyone Know Who’s Hiring?”



Part of the joy in being member in an online community, such as a military spouse group, is the wealth of information that can be found among the pages.  Discussion on everything from lunch recommendations to the best nail salons in the area can be quite helpful.  Networking among spouses is also an amazing side effect of being active in military spouse groups.  One of the most asked questions I see in any military community group goes something like: “Does anyone know of a place that’s hiring?  No fast food, retail, or direct sales.  I don’t have any education, experience, or references.  I would like an amazing office job though and a 9 to 5 schedule with weekends off.”

Instead of, “Girl, bye!”– Hi, Gladys!  I don’t have any suggestions that match what you’re looking for, but if you head on over to the ACS, they can help you put together a resume.  You can even head to the local employment office and find professionals that specialize in assisting YOU PEOPLE.  Jk..Don’t say “you people.”

Instead of, “Oh so you’re too good to flip burgers?!”– Fast food can be a great way to gain some work experience and add to your dirty ass resume. Jk…Don’t say “dusty ass.”

Instead of, “If only there existed some kind of system on the world wide web that would allow users to search for information such as this…”– Hi there, Francesca!  I compiled a list of websites that might aid you in your search for employment based upon the information that you’ve given here.  I was able to do this because I possess common sense and the ability to think critically.  Jk..drop the last sentence.

Instead of, “Hi Constance!  I would love to speak with you about joining my team! I would love to help you become a millionaire and fulfill your wildest dreams!”– Greetings!  If you’re interested in direct sales, you can message me!  I am a multilevel marketer who advertises for companies that sell things like clumpy mascara and shake powder that smells like ass.  Jk..Wait, am I?

There are just a few ways that could make a world of difference in someone’s life as they navigate the employment frontier.  There are numerous opportunities that can be found and tons of amazing advice that people can give to those who need it the most.  So I urge all military spouses to connect with each other and share the fantastic opportunities to earn a coin that they’ve discovered.  Just be honest about it, mmmkay?






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